Croatian Regulator’s working visit


Colleagues from the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) paid a two-day visit to RATEL as a sign of continued cooperation and exchange of experience in the areas of radio frequency spectrum management, user protection, electronic communications market analysis, electronic networks and services and postal services.

The delegation of HAKOM was greeted by RATEL’s technical director Dragoljub Stefanović, who highlighted the importance of this kind of cooperation, after which ensued a session dedicated to the transfer of experience and good practice regarding the organization and implementation of the spectrum auction in Croatia, along with a detailed explanation of all phases of the public bidding procedure, from preparation to realization.

In the continuation of the work visit, several parallel sessions were held, dedicated to various areas. RATEL’s representatives had an opportunity to get acquainted with implementation plans for the Digital Services Acts in Croatia and the manner of implementing expert monitoring through the regulation of shared use of network elements.

A session dedicated to market analysis abounded in an exchange of expert knolwdge regarding numerous hot topics for both of the regulators, including application of the regulation in this area pertaining to the price control obligation, combined application of the LRIC model and distribution of access costs, and implementation of cost-accounting and structural separation.

The exchange of experience and good practice in the area of user protection was focused on the act regulating the content of contracts, pre-contractual information and contract term changes, as well as handling of complaints with regard to roaming, VAS services and quality of service.

RATEL’s representatives presented to the colleagues from Croatia the most important activities and projects pertaining to the regulation of postal services: an express services quality benchmark model, GIS portal for the display and analysis of postal operators’ networks, portal of express and courier service providers’ prices and study on the universal postal service sustainability. The meeting was also a good opportunity to acquaint the guests with RATEL’s interactive portal Mobile networks coverage maps, created in order to provide information about mobile networks coverage in Serbia.