Monitoring and control of operators’ work and activities

The procedure of monitoring of operators’ activities is carried out pursuant to the provisions of Article 131 of the Law on Electronic Communications. The operators are obliged to provide electronic communications services in accordance with general terms and conditions, special obligations of the operators with significant market power (SMP), requirements stipulated in the licenses for the use of numeration, individual licenses for the use of radio frequencies and other obligations stipulated under the Law on Electronic Communications and the accompanying bylaws.

The Agency is authorized to request from the operators the data and information needed for the monitoring of their activities, and carry out measurements and testing of the electronic communications networks and services, accompanying resources, electronic communications equipment and terminal equipment.

The Agency performs monitoring activities via its monitoring and measurement centers (district units) and through authorized persons tasked with monitoring and testing.

Should the Agency find that the operator did not behave in line with its commitments stipulated in the Law on Electronic Communications and the accompanying bylaws, it shall inform the operator thereof, set the deadline for the operator to make a statement on identified irregularities, remove them and inform the Agency accordingly. The deadline for making a statement and removal of irregularities cannot be less than eight days from the day of receipt of the request by the operator, unless the Agency establishes a more severe or repeated breach of the prescribed requirements.

Should the Agency establish that the operator did not remedy identified irregularities within the set deadline, it shall report the case to the Ministry inspection service.

Monitoring of activities is performed pursuant to the following Rulebooks:

Rulebook on general terms and conditions for performing electronic communications activities under general authorization regime

Rulebook on quality parameters for publicly available electronic communications services and monitoring of electronic communications activity

The procedure of monitoring of operators’ activities can be initiated at the request or by the complaint of the user, by the complaint of other providers, based on observed irregularities in the operator’s activities by the Agency, due to non-compliance with the prescribed quality parameters during service provision and other.