Students of Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering visit MMC Belgrade

As part of a years-long business and technical cooperation between RATEL and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the Belgrade University, an expert study visit to the Monitoring and Measurement Center (MMC) Belgrade was organized for final-year students of the Telecommunication Traffic and Networks Department. On that occasion, RATEL’s organizational structure and the scope of work of the Monitoring Division were presented, highlighting some of the daily activities related to the process of radio frequency (RF) spectrum monitoring.

During the RF spectrum monitoring presentation, students were acquainted with the way of functioning of the system, equipment used in remotely controlled monitoring and measurement stations and compact remotely controlled measurement stations in urban areas, including further monitoring system development plans. Some of the features of the emission source geolocation using TDoA, AoA and hybrid geolocation were demonstrated as well.

In addition, a couple of presentations on ITU technical recommendations for the practice of regular RF spectrum monitoring activities were held, including the procedures and manners of reporting, detecting and resolving harmful interference as part of the monitoring system usage and during field work.

The visit was concluded by a presentation of portable measurement equipment and measurement equipment contained in specialized MMC Belgrade measurement vehicles.