RATEL signs Multilateral Coordination Agreement


The final meeting of the Multilateral Coordination Group for the VHF-III radio frequency band (174 MHz – 230 MHz) T-DAB planning, composed of administration members of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia, took place in Budapest on June 12-13, 2023. These administrations held more than 10 coordination meetings over the period of two years of extensive work, in order to find common solutions for replanning and improving the existing GE06 Plan, taking into account equal access to the spectrum, efficient use of the allocated spectrum, various administrations’ requests, as well as technical and other challenges. Representatives of the Broadcasting Group of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) actively participated in all meetings.


As a result of the work of the Multilateral Coordination Group, the above administrations signed at the meeting a Multilateral Framework Coordination Agreement (MULTILATERAL FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE ADMINISTRATIONS OF AUSTRIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA, HUNGARY, ROMANIA, SERBIA, SLOVENIA on the frequency plan of VHF Band III, covering the frequency range of 174 - 230 MHz), as well as mutual bilateral agreements containing harmonized technical and geographical parameters of radio frequency allocations.


These significant achievements are the result of joint efforts by all partners and a dedicated cooperation among the representatives of RATEL and other NRAs of the region.