RATEL creates GIS portal for display of postal operators’ network


The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, in accordance its with legal obligations and the Strategy for the development of postal services in the Republic of Serbia 2021 – 2025, has carried out a set of activities to encourage competition in the postal market. One of the most significant is the creation of GIS portal, a geographic information system providing information to users about the availability of universal postal service and other postal services.

GIS portal offers a spatial search feature combing through postal operators’ data, according to various criteria, with the purpose of informing the users about the availability of postal services and postal operators’ postal network:

  • Postal operators’ business unit locations – for universal postal service, express and courier services;
  • Collection letter-box locations;
  • Delivery parcel locker locations;
  • Universal postal service delivery area, with a display of the date of delivery;
  • Express service delivery area – „same day delivery“;
  • Express service delivery area – „next day delivery or agreed day delivery“;
  • Courier service provision area (collection and delivery).

At the moment, GIS portal only provides spatial data of postal operators with the biggest market shares, whereas gradually during 2023, other postal operators’ data will be available on the portal as well.