„Do Not Call“ Register starts to operate


The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services has put in operation Register „Do Not Call“.  Mobile and fixed telephony users who do not wish to receive advertising calls and messages should turn to their operators in order for their telephone numbers to be listed in the Register. 

The retailers and promoters are obliged, before making a call, to verify in the „Do Not Call“ Register if the specific number figures on the do-not-call list. A legal entity, listed with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, receives a username and password through the registration process at www.nezovi.rs/#/login, after which they are able to download all listed telephone numbers and dates of entry at „Do Not Call“.

Other entities are allowed to verify, without registration, only individual numbers at www.nezovi.rs.  

The operator makes changes pertaining to the users’ telephone numbers into the Register. The changes are visible as of the next day following the day of the telephone number entry or deletion into/from the Register performed by the operator.

In case of an unwanted call, complaints are lodged with the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade.

More details about the entry and deletion process, terms of use and maintenance of the „Do Not Call“ Register can be found at the following links:

Rulebook on Register of users who do not wish to receive advertising calls and/or messages

Beginning of operation of Register „Do Not Call“ (zastitapotrosaca.gov.rs)