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Information on ERGP's latest public consultations

Dear all,

As we approach the deadline of ERGP’s latest public consultations, please feel free to share the information below, as a reminder, to your audiences

ERGP launches a public consultation on the ERGP Work Program 2021, which runs until 25th September 2020.

Visit:  Based on the ERGP Medium Term Strategy 2020-2022, the draft WP 2021

is taking also into account, broader market developments, as the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the European Green Deal.

Please send your comments to with and in copy.



ERGP launches two public consultations regarding the draft reports a) on postal definitions and b) on key consumers issues, which will run until 27th September 2020.

Visit: The report on postal definitions explores the different parameters that may be used to identify the services

and players in the postal sector for a future regulatory framework. The report on key consumer issues,  attempts to identify issues reflecting the changes in the market

and the gradual transition from a “sender” to a “receiver” oriented postal market.  Please send your feedback to with and in copy.