Managing board

Managing Board

In accordance with the Law on Electronic Communications (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia Nos. 44/10, 60/13-US, 62/14 and 95/18–other law), the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, at its Second Sitting of the First Regular Session in 2021, held on March 11, 2021, reached a Decision on selection of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Members of the Management Board of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 21 of March 12, 2021).

Members of the Managing Board:



Dragan Kovačević Chairman of the MB
Petar Stijović Deputy Chairman of the MB
Vladimir Krstić, PhD Member of the MB
Professor Dejan Marković, PhD Member of the MB
Slobodan Ristić, PhD Member of the MB