“Roam Like At Home” in the Western Balkan Region starts July 1, 2021


The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services wishes to inform the mobile communication network users that, as of July 1, 2021, the Western Balkans region will be benefiting from the “roam like at home” policy (hereinafter: regional roaming), based on the Agreement on the price reduction of the roaming services in public mobile communications networks in the Western Balkans region. This means elimination of extra roaming costs added to the national retail price for mobile communication network services paid by the users in the national traffic, who will from now on be able to use these services in the regional roaming under the exact same conditions as in the national network.

The “roam like at home” rules also include the Fair Use Policy, by which the user is required to pay attention to the regional roaming data transfer limits for certain national tariff offers allowing only for limited amount of data to be used in the regional roaming, after which an additional roaming fee is to be paid by the user. All detailed information on the subject can be obtained from the chosen mobile operator.

Additionally, the Fair Use Policy prevents abuse and unfair use of the regional roaming services by the user. An increased regional roaming service consumption compared to that of the national traffic, or an extended stay in the surrounding economies of the Western Balkans during at least four months compared to that in the Republic of Serbia indicate an unfair use of the regional roaming services. In such case, the mobile operator warns the user, with a 15-day deadline to change the pattern of use, following which it can start charging an additional roaming fee on top of the national retail price for the mobile communication network service, pending a decreased consumption by the user indicating that there is no more risk of abuse or unfair use of the regional roaming services, all based on objective indicators set in the Rulebook on the Fair Use Policy application, methodology of the sustainability assessment regarding elimination of additional retail roaming fees and request filed by the roaming service provider for the assessment purposes („Official Gazette of RS”, No. 53/21).

The mobile operators’ General Terms and Conditions governig their Fair Use Policy, along with Price Lists have been published on the providers’ respective web pages.

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