NALED and RATEL host Cyber Security workshop

As part of the “Active and Safe on the Internet” capmpaign marking the month of Cyber Security, RATEL, i.e. National CERT, held a workshop titled "Empowering local self-governments in information security implementation", intended for the local self-government representatives in Kragujevac.

“Our intention is to present to you the content of the Model Information Security Act and offer the guidelines to use and fit it effectively into your own system. The National CERT prepared this document as an aid for the operators of ICT systems of special importance as early as in 2017.

This is the first of the four workshops to be co-organized with NALED, with the support of the MTTT and the Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment. This project has so far included 130 local self-governments, with similar workshops to be organized in Niš, Novi Sad and Belgrade, as well.

Half of the 64 Serbian cities and municipalities have not elaborated an Information Security Act, nor prepared a Recovery Plan in case of IT attacks ", said dr Vladica Tintor, director of RATEL.

„Kragujevac is one of the best examples of how a city should think about its digital future and also one of the first cities to have opened its data as part of the National Open Data Portal project", highlighted dr Mihailo Jovanović, director of the Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment.

Following the elaboration of the Procedure on measures, in accordance with the Model Information Security Act, set as a task for the experts from 22 local self-governments in Kragujevac, the workshop, organized by RATEL in cooperation with NALED's eGovernment Alliance and supported by the eGovernment Office and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (MTTT), was closed.