Cyber Day in Kragujevac


Kragujevac, 9 June  - As part of the “Days of Israel” manifestation, an event entitled “Cyber Day”, attended, among other, by the representatives of RATEL in its capacity of National CERT, took place at the Data Center in Kragujevac.

The gathering was opened by H.E. Yahel Vilan, Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Serbia,  and Nikola Dašić, Mayor of Kragujevac. Israeli Ambassador pointed out that every country, regardless of its level of technological advancement, is vulnerable to cyber threats, adding that Israel will put all of its technical capabilities at the disposal of the Government of Serbia and companies in the country, for the combat against cyber threats and protection of cybersecurity.

Head of Cyber Security Division and National CERT affairs, dr Marko Krstić, presented the regulatory frame pertaining to the area of cybersecurity in the Republic of Serbia, with a particular view on the management of ICT system safety risks and the exchange of cyber threat-related information.

Since the IT development also includes the evolution of cybersecurity, the exchange of knowledge and experience is of utmost importance to Serbia, particularly when it comes to cooperation with Israel, one of the most advanced countries in the area of information security in the world.