Serbian secondary school students win first place at Regional Cyber Camp in Albania


From April 18 to 20, 2022, a competition entitled Regional Cyber Camp, organized by the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (AKCESK), was held in Durrës, Albania.

This cyber encounter gathered the eighteen-year olds of the Western Balkan region secondary schools, among which a team of students from the Republic of Serbia, who participated under the auspices of the National CERT.

The students from Serbia were selected based on the results achieved at a national competition Cyber Hero, dedicated to secondary school pupils and students, and organized with an aim to promote cyber security among the youngsters through the enhancement of existing educational programs and the development of new ones, which ultimately resulted in the success of winning the first prize at the Regional Cyber Camp competition.

The support to the academic sector is very important and, as such, well recognized both on the international and national levels, therefore the National CERT plans to continue to extend its support and assistance to pupils and students in an effort to contribute to a permanent academic development of young talents in the area of cyber security.