RATEL’s visit to EKIP


Representatives of RATEL’s Managing Board and management met with members of the Council of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro (EKIP) in Podgorica to discuss projects and activities planned for realization in the current year. They also exchanged views on the situation in the electronic communications and postal markets. The results of the two regulatory bodies were presented by Branko Kovijanić, Chair of the EKIP Council and Darko Grgurović, EKIP Executive Director, on behalf of EKIP, and Dragan Pejović, Director of RATEL, on behalf of our Agency. A detailed presentation of the development of broadband services as well as preparatory activities for the implementation of 5G networks in Montenegro was delivered by Pavle Mijušković and Boris Jevrić, Assistant Executive Directors of EKIP.

The joint conclusion of the meeting was that the issue of 5G technology implementation surpasses the authority and power of national regulatory bodies and operators, therefore the timely realization of this project requires an active role and synergy of other competent subjects such as: ministries, various state institutions, local self-governments, ICT community and industry, so that the barriers pertaining to the construction and installation of a significantly denser base station network can be successfully removed.

RATEL’s representatives visited a monitoring and measurement center at Dajbabska Gora in Podgorica, on the occasion of which EKIP’s radio frequency spectrum monitoring system was introduced to them.

It was concluded that this kind of study visits and exchange of experience is very important for the strengthening of the regulatory bodies’ administrative capacities and should be practiced according to the topics of interest for both countries.