RATEL’s 17th anniversary


RATEL celebrated its 17th anniversary with its associates, partners and representatives of numerous organizations.

The event was honored by the presence of the operators’, industry’s, state institutions’ and international bodies’ representatives, former RATEL’s directors and Minister of Information and Telecommunications, dr Mihailo Jovanović.

In the celebratory ambiance, this year’s results and next year’s plans were presented.

In his welcome note, director of RATEL, Dragan Pejović, highlighted among RATEL’s existing projects an improved and advanced system for radio frequency spectrum monitoring, expansion of the system for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic field levels at fixed locations in urban areas – EMF RATEL, currently encompassing 100 sensors, as well as this year’s project of comparative QoS parameter measurement – Mobile Network Benchmarking, the largest carried out by RATEL so far.

As part of RATEL’s significant activities in 2023, Mr. Pejović announced the alignment of national regulations with the EU regulatory frame in the areas of electronic communications and postal services and the preparation to carry out a public bid for the award of individual licenses for the use of frequency bands allocated to the 5G technology.

On this occasion, a personalized RATEL’s postage stamp was presented, the first of its kind with a QR code in the Republic of Serbia, which will be used in national postal traffic.