RATEL takes part in regional meeting on OTT services


Sarajevo, December 13 and 14 – A regional meeting on OTT (Over-the-Top) services, AVM service regulation and digital radio (T-DAB) implementation was hosted by the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RAK). The event was attended by the representatives of regulatory bodies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and North Macedonia.

The aim of the meeting was to exchange experience and define further cooperation in these areas, through plenary discussion and bilateral agreements.

In his opening address, director general of RAK, Draško Milinović, expressed hope for the parties involved to be able to define, through mutual discussion and bilateral agreement, a common roadmap of cooperation in this area, which would greatly contribute to a faster development of regulatory and technical frameworks regarding communication services, that remain unregulated both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and across the region, despite an urgent need for an adequate answer to this important issue.

RATEL’s representatives, by invitation, at this meeting were Natalija Varagić, who talked about experiences in the implementation of digital radio (T-DAB) in the Republic of Serbia and Sanja Vukčević Vajs, with presentation about OTT services – Regulatory frame and implementation.