Online Postel conference


The 38th Symposium on Novel Technologies in Postal and Telecommunications Traffic, PosTel 2020, took place on December 1 and 2, at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade. Despite the online format of the conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of presentations and the importance of the venue have remained the same.

The opening keynote speakers at the event were prof. dr Valentina Radojičić, Chair of the Organization and Program Committee, prof. dr Nebojša Bojović, Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade, Nebojša Stanojčić, representing the Post of Serbia and Dragan Pejović, director of RATEL.

Director of RATEL Dragan Pejović presented revenues generated in the postal market and the overall postal industry results in the last year.

During the symposium, representatives of RATEL delivered two presentations – „Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on postal sector – an ERGP analysis “ and „Opening of the UPU to all interested parties“.

”In 2019, 309 million postal services were realized. On average, 124 postal items were delivered per household in 2019, which is 43 postal items per inhabitant. The postal industry generated revenues in the amount of approximately 21 billion dinars, nearing 0.4 percent of the national GDP.

Despite having a dominant share in the total volume of provided postal services (87.4%), universal postal service (UPS) generates less income (43%) than commercial services (over 57%).

For the third year in a row, UPS revenues have been on the rise (by 1.8%), while commercial service revenues have been growing continuously, with the current growth rate being around 13 percent.

One of the fastest developing postal markets is the express service market, particularly postal items generated as a result of remote sales.

During 2020, pursuant to the new Law on Postal Services, the Agency adopted all the necessary bylaws under its jurisdiction. Over the next year, the priority will be to monitor the application of these rules and to remedy possible shortcomings, with the special focus cast on implementation of the provisions governing new RATEL’s competencies, namely mediation in out-of-court dispute resolution between users and postal operators and expert monitoring of the postal operators’ activities.”

The Symposium is traditionally organized by the Department for Postal and Telecommunications Traffic and co-organized by the PE „Post of Serbia“, Telekom Srbija JSC, Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) and Engineering Chamber of Serbia. Sponsors of the event are the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia.

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