New RATEL’s Management Board


On the Government’s proposal, in accordance with the Law on Electronic Communications (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia nos. 44/10, 60/13-US, 62/14  and 95/18–other law), the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia elected on March 11, 2021 the Chair, Vice-Chair and Members of the Management Board of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services.

Dragan Kovačević, BSc of Electrical Engineering, present holder of the position was re-appointed as Chair of the RATEL Management Board, whereas Petar Stijović, BSc of Electrical Engineering, was also re-appointed as Vice-Chair of the Management Board. Vladimir Krstić, PhD, professor Dejan Marković, PhD and Slobodan Ristić, PhD, respectively in the field of Electrical Engineering, Transport and Traffic Engineering and Organizational Sciences, were appointed as Members of the Management Board. The term of the members of the Management Board is five years.