New infrastructure operator “Cetin”


A new infrastructure services operator Cetin doo was listed in the Register of public communication networks and services kept and maintained by RATEL, on July 1, 2020.  Cetin doo emerged as a separate company from operator Telenor Srbija and part of its telecommunications infrastructure.

Telenor Srbija will continue to perform activities in the field of electronic communications by providing services to users in line with the rights and obligations stipulated under existing licenses, decisions and individual licenses issued by RATEL.

Business activities of the new operator Cetin doo will focus on quality improvements of the telecommunications infrastructure and implementation of new technologies, thus providing long-term incentives for the growth of competition in the electronic communications market in the Republic of Serbia, which is one of RATEL’s most important objectives.

More on networks and services offered by the new registered operator Cetin doo can be found at: