Mobile networks Benchmarking results 2019 in the Repubic of Serbia


In the aim of fostering the competition, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of mobile communications, continuous QoS improvement of the mobile communications networks, and providing reliable and objective information to users about the quality of  mobile communications networks, the Agency has, for the third year in a row, performed extensive comparative measurements and analysis of the QoS parameters for mobile communications networks (Benchmarking of mobile networks) of the three operators: Telekom Srbija, Telenor and Vip mobile, available to the end users in the Republic of Serbia.

The benchmarking was carried out this October and November and included measurements of radio-parameters for 2G/3G/4G technologies and KPI parameters for voice service and data transmission services.

The results along with information on measurement methodology are available at RATEL's web page

The end users and all interested parties can access the measurement results through the following web portal: