Geo-visualization platform for WiFi base stations in the Republic of Serbia


Following the trends of an ever-growing usage of geo-tools to visualize different type of data, RATEL has made available two chart modes of publicly displayable radio stations in unlicensed frequency bands (WiFi access points or AP / WAP) on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, namely via Web portal

In line with its legal competencies, the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services keeps records of the operators of public communication networks and services. Within unlicensed frequency bands, the operators can register the following networks: WAS/RLAN network in RF bands (2400-2483.5) MHz and (5470-5725) MHz; and BFWA in RF band (5725-5875) MHz.

Displayed WiFi points include radio stations of registered operators providing selected electronic communication service, and registered radio stations belonging to natural persons.

Using geolocation, WiFi access points in the vicinity or at the exact location of your interst can be verified. The application additionally allows filtering of data by multiple criteria, as well as mapping, drawing and map printing.

Detailed database of all registered radio stations in the above frequency bands can be found on Internet page, whereas the records of the operators of public communication networks and services are available at