Force Majeure During Postal Delivery


Due to an increased number of complaints regarding postal operators’ activities and the delays in postal delivery, we would like to inform the users that “force majeure” mentioned by the providers as a reason for delay is a term defined in the Law on Postal Services.  

Article 54 of the Law on Postal Services stipulates, among other, that postal delivery time is the time between collection of the item and its delivery, excluding the following: 1) delays due to incomplete or incorrect address and 2) delays due to force majeure (in this case an ongoing state of emergency and 60-hour quarantine).

Article 83 of the same law releases the operator from any responsibility (including the responsibility for exceeding the transmission time) for the damage incurred, if caused by force majeure.

Taking into account the circumstances and set of emergency events, we strongy advise the users of postal services to get thorough information on the planned delivery times advertised by the chosen postal operator, before posting the item.