RATEL continues to develop its EMF project for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic field levels “Electromagnetic Fields-EMF“ in 2020. The sensor network having been expanded in March 2020 to 15 new locations is to be extended by another 7 sensors presently being incorporated into the system across 4 new cities: Čačak (3), Gornji Milanovac (2), Arilje (1) and Aranđelovac (1). 

So far 49 sensors have been installed in 22 Serbian cities. The municipalities have recognized the importance of electromagnetic field levels monitoring by supporting RATEL’s initiative to install sensors, thus showing social responsibility in what should be a common action to sustain environmental protection and preserve the health of the citizens.

The EMF system uses a network of sensors performing continuous and long-term monitoring of electromagnetic field levels generated by electronic communications networks and equipment, in order to assess the level of exposure of the general population to these fields. The sensors are installed in the zones of increased sensitivity, such as schools, kindergartens, healthcare centers, hospitals, college campuses.

RATEL invites all municipalities that have not so far responded to the call to participate in the EMF RATEL project or have not proposed their locations of interest, to do so in the following period. The RATEL’s engineers would then visit the locations and install sensors for monitoring of electromagnetic field levels in adequate zones of increased sensitivity. You can send your proposals to email address:

The citizens can access the locations with installed sensors for monitoring of electromagnetic field levels through interactive Internet portal  and check the measurement results for any location of interest.