Active and Safe on the Internet


Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services along with its National CERT (SRB-CERT) is celebrating October, the European and global cyber security month, with a campaign "Active and Safe on the Internet". This campaign promotes the importance of information security to citizens, state organizations, public and private companies and aims to raise awareness and change behavioral patterns, by providing basic information to all Internet users about available and recommended protection measures while being online.

Prevention measures are provided for in the Law on Information Security, governing the commitment of the Agency to perform the duties of the National CERT, namely by coordinating activities of prevention and protection from safety risks in ICT systems in the Republic of Serbia. National CERT is specially tasked to monitor national incident situation, provide early warnings, alerts and announcements and inform responsible officials on risks and incidents, react to the reported or otherwise discovered incidents, by giving advice to concerned individuals, based on available information. In addition, National CERT is entitled to undertake other necessary measures under its competence, as well as to continuously analyze risks and incidents, raise awareness with citizens, businesses and public administrition on the significance of cyber security and risk prevention measures, including launching of campaigns and keeping records of special CERTs.

For the first time, RATEL i.e. National CERT will hold a set of workshops intended for different user profiles, such as "Improvement of protection measures for safe Internet business" designed for small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Serbia (as part of the Safety Act model promotion), in cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

In cooperation with NALED, with the participation of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Office for Information Technologies and e-Government, workshops are organized for local self-government units (Kragujevac, Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad).

By means of the workshop titled "Active and Safe on the Internet", intended for the press and media companies in the Republic of Serbia, National CERT informs the journalists about current security risks on the Internet.

National CERT prepared new brochures and publications (Safe e-Commerce/ e-Banking), describing, in a comprehensive manner, basic online vulnerability as well as recommended measures of prevention –

According to the National CERT's statistical data, the most frequent attack types remain phishing (in the region, different phishing campaigns in the banking sector are currently under way) and ransomware, followed by cryptomining and theft and leakage of personal and business data.

Cyber crime activities such as phishing, ransomware, data breach, DDoS and cryptomining account for 81.7% of the malware content, cyber espionage for 16%, while cyber warfare and hacktivism account for 1.2%  each.