88 EMF sensors in 39 Serbian cities


As part of its socially responsible project “System for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic field levels – EMF RATEL” in the Republic of Serbia, having been developed by RATEL since 2017, the existing sensor network has been expanded by another 15 new sensors, making in total 88 sensors operating in 39 Serbian cities.

Much as 2020, this year also brought many challenges due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Owing to the cooperation with local administrations and institutions that had participated in the project, RATEL successfully finished the planned network expansion in the circumstances of elevated health risk and isolation. Further expansion of the system is already foreseen in 2022, with new sensors to be installed in new cities and institutions.

EMF RATEL, as it is known, uses a network of sensors performing continuous and long-term monitoring of electromagnetic field levels generated by electronic communications networks and equipment.

Thanks to RATEL’s EMF project, the results of electromagnetic field measurements have been made available to the citizens as part of an effort to inform and educate the public and promote further development of communication networks in Serbia.

The municipalities all across the country have recognized the importance of electromagnetic field levels monitoring and allowed RATEL to install sensors on the facilities with increased sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, such as schools, hospitals and kindergartens, thus showing social responsibility to protect and preserve the health of the citizens.

The public can access the data pertaining to electromagnetic field levels through interactive Internet portal http://emf.ratel.rs/ and check measured electromagnetic field levels for any desired  available location.