41st BEREC plenary meeting took place on 5-6 December in Malta


RATEL’s delegation attended the 41st ordinary meeting of the BEREC Board of Regulators and the 4th IRG General Assembly meeting in 2019. Topics on the agenda of the  BEREC P4 2019 meeting included impact of 5G on regulation, cybersecurity, experience with collection of data from OTT operators, exchange of regulatory experience in the area of end-user service provision, such as QoS measuerment, and Guidelines on how to assess the effectiveness of public warning systems transmitted by different means.

At the end of the meeting, information was provided on the 42nd BEREC ordinary meetings, which will be hosted by RATEL, on 5-6 March 2020, in Belgrade. This will be the first BEREC plenary meeting to take place in Serbia.