39th Postel



This year’s 39th Symposium on Novel Technologies in Postal and Telecommunications Traffic, PosTel 2021 is once again taking place at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade. Despite an online format of the conference, the number of presentations and the importance of the venue remain the same. The opening keynote speakers at the event were prof. dr Nebojša Bojović, Dean of the Faculty, Dragan Pejović, director of RATEL and Zoran Đorđević, Director General of the PE “Post of Serbia.”

Director of RATEL Dragan Pejović presented, in his welcome speech, the revenues generated in the postal market and overall postal industry results in the last year, as well as plans and roadmaps for the development of electronic communications, postal services and information security.

“The postal industry in 2020 realized an income of approximately 23.4 billion dinars, corresponding to around 0.43% of the national GDP. For the second year in a row, postal services in the Republic of Serbia marked the growth of revenues, by more than 10% in 2020. This income growth is the result of a continuous rise in the volume of express items and other postal services, with a positive rate of 16.6 % in 2020, and an increase by 65.7% over the last five years. Universal postal service (UPS) generated during 2020 an income growth by 2.2%, with an increase over the last five years by 11%. For the second year in a row, non-recorded letters, accounting for the biggest UPS share of 72.31%, in 2020 marked a drop in the volume by -1.57%. Pursuant to its new competences stemming from the Law on Postal Services, RATEL in 2020-2021 started to apply the following: expert monitoring of postal operators, mediation in out-of-court dispute resolution, giving appoval to the PPO’s UPS rates and other postal operators’ price lists. In addition, RATEL in 2021 started to screen the UPS letterpost item quality of service, the results of which will be published in the Annual Report. In accordance with the Action Plan of the Strategy for the development of postal services for the period 2021-2025, RATEL also started a set of activities expected to contribute to the enhancement of the postal competition and improvement of the quality of postal services“, said Dragan Pejović during his opening speech.

At PosTel 2021, papers by the experts in the field of postal and telecommunications traffic will be presented, divided into three sections: Management in postal and telecommunications traffics, Postal traffic, networks and services and Telecommunications traffic, networks and services.

The Symposium is traditionally organized by the Department for Postal and Telecommunications Traffic of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and co-organized by the PE „Post of Serbia“, Telekom Srbija JSC and RATEL. Sponsors of the event are the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia. For more information, please visit http://postel.sf.bg.ac.rs